3-in-1 Wild-Caught Marine Omega Freeze-Dried Cubes

  • Blend of 3 freeze-dried raw proteins- tuna, cod & egg yolk
  • Omega-3 booster
  • Freeze-dried for 26 hours at -40°C
  • Bite-sized & easy portioning
  • Suitable for both dogs & cats
  • Formulated and diced in Malaysia, with production occurring in China.

Tuna, cod, egg yolk
Why these 3 ingredients?

  • High in protein
  • Packed with omega-3 fatty acids
  • Dense in bioavailable nutrients
  • Egg yolks, rich in lecithin, promote healthy skin and coat for pets
  • High palatability!

CALORIE CONTENT (calculated)
Metabolizable Energy 3733 kcal/kg

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