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Wou Wou
Mau Mau
For Wou Wou
For Mau Mau
Wou Wou
Mau Mau
Not sure if they will enjoy it?
We gotchu.
3 sachets of trial pack of kibbles at only RM10*
Is just enough to find out if your picky eaters will love our meaty-licious kibbles.
*While stock lasts, t&c apply

Sorry, My Dog Farted Candles

pet-friendly candle, collaboration with Lilin+Co.

*While stock lasts, t&c apply
Notti Reviews
The best thing about us is we believe in giving your pets as much real meat as possible. That being said…
≥80% Fresh Meat
Made with Human-grade fresh meat with added nutrients and boosters
Low carb recipes allows the low temperatures and slow baking method to preserve the nutrients
0 Meat Meal
No unknown & untraceable dead animals by-products, or fillers

We also want you to know we’re giving them the absolute best.

Nutrient standards
are met
Clean ingredients
with affordable price
No added
chemical preservatives
More Meat
For Your Notti Pets
First Super Premium Slow-Baked Kibbles in Malaysia
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